Cassidi and Michael


One of the great privileges of being a wedding photographer is getting to attend weddings that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to attend. This was just the case in early May of 2018 when I was able to attend the wedding of a couple of dear friends who live in California. Cassidi and Micheal and I have been friends since College; Michael and I met at UoP’s Newman Center, and Cassidi and I met in a science lab. Since then, Cassidi and I have also been Fieldwork Partners and lab mates. Seeing the two of them married was a joy, and you can really see the love on their faces.

I also can’t say enough about how impressive this wedding was. From the location (St. Vincent’s School for Boys in San Rafael California), to the food (delicious home-cooked Mexican food), to the planning and arrangements (all done by Cassidi’s Mother!), and the flowers (by Taylor Davis at Cheeky Blooms), everything came together so well! In addition to that, you have to agree that both bride and groom look stunning, happy, and radiant! Thank you Cassidi and Michael, for making me a part of your special day.

You’re married!

Praise God!